spherical harmonic cows

While preparing for one fateful lab meeting in fall 2022, I drew some cows in the shape of spherical harmonics as a one-off gag to use in my presentation, coming from the physics joke about assuming that cows are spheres. These quickly became a fixture of the lab group and made their way into our offices, stickers, t-shirts, and hearts.

A 4x4 grid of cows shaped like the spherical harmonic functions, ranging from l = 0 to l = 3.

washlava theme and variations

In fall 2022, I took the class 21M.302 (Harmony and Counterpoint II). The final project for this class was writing a set of variations for string quartet. We were allowed to choose any theme we wanted within reason, so I took the tune that MIT’s laundry machines play at the end of their cycle.

So without further ado, here’s the score for these variations. :)