At MIT, many student-wide announcements are made by emailing all undergraduate dorms, or dormspamming. Dormspams must follow certain rules, like specifying the sender’s underwear color at the end of the email.

Because sometimes dormspams can get overwhelming, I created this website to help MIT students organize and send dormspams. Past dormspams can be searched, filtered, and saved for future viewing. New dormspams can be created and sent through a form on the website.

Note: To preserve the sanity of the MIT undergraduate population, the email-sending functionality currently sends to a toy mailing list, not the actual MIT dorm mailing lists.

esolang interpreters

Esoteric programming languages (esolangs) are languages developed with no particular use besides entertainment. I’ve written a bit more about them here. I might organize this GitHub repo better one day, but in the meantime, enjoy these Python implementations of horrible esolangs.

pdf reader mode

PDFs, especially those of academic papers, can be a pain to read - exceedingly small fonts, crunchy files, etc. This webapp pulls text and styling information from PDFs and allows the user to control how it is displayed (font size, text spacing, color scheme). The text extraction is done through Adobe’s Extract PDF API, and the interface is inspired by Firefox’s built-in Reader Mode.

this website

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